Actually Starting on Monday (Never Really Happens)

starting on mondayI have absolutely no motivation. This is ridiculous. I look in the mirror and I’m sickened about what I see, yet I don’t do a damn thing about it! There is always a reason for me to “Start on Monday”.

I am by far the heaviest I’ve ever been. I gain weight preparing for a diet that never comes. So I decide to shove everything in my face like it’s the last meal ever because I’m ‘starting on Monday’.

I just got back from vacation. I ate so much I actually feel my skin stretching. It doesn’t matter that I walked a ton, I ate more.  I totally intended on being good this past Monday. Then I realized how many goodies I still had in the house. I had to get rid of them first, right? So as a wolfed down a few pounds of chocolate, I realized…fuuuuuuck….Halloween is Thursday.

Fuck it. I’ll just have to start NEXT Monday.


  1. A couple years ago I attempted to cut back on eating pasta. You have to understand, I LOVE pasta. What I didn’t know was it was probably the main reason for my weight gain over the years. I lost a good bit of weight because of cutting back (though still not anywhere near where I wanted to be) and some people complimented me on the weight loss. My problem is, I’d rather people didn’t mention it. For some reason, that tends to ruin it for me. But I tried not to let it ruin anything. However, my sisters seemed hell bent on trying to convince me to eat pasta. I didn’t tell anyone that I was cutting back though. Still, it was as if they knew. Me turning down pasta … something must be seriously wrong! I then found out that my mom was telling my sisters that my weight loss must be because I’m sick. Oh heck, she thought I was dying once (for no good reason) and started yelling at me for not telling her I was dying.

  2. Okay, girlfriend. I told you this (well, something like it) when you began this blog. You have to stop hating on yourself. You have to. You are more beautiful this minute than you ever have been in your whole life. Your body has created three of the most wonderful humans you know — you need to love it for that alone! I know how you feel; I have struggled with weight issues my whole adult life. It is only since I entered perimenopause (hell that it is) that I decided that I had wasted enough of my life hating my body, and that I would find a way to accept myself just as I was. I won’t kid you that sunshine and rainbows instantly shone down on me, but I accept the strength I have and the way my body serves me and does what I want it to do. And you know what? I’m not as fat and ugly as I thought I was. Please don’t waste another second hating your miraculous body. (((Hugs)))

  3. The same is happening to me. But I am cutting back on all canned food and bagged food. And I don’t eat lunch any more. This guy that I used to like literally forces food into me. He makes me have no choice but to throw it up after lunch. I don’t get why he does not think I need to loose weight. It is so annoying. Can you help.

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