Daily diet 5-7 and 5-8

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Daily diet 5/3

I had to have the nuts! Lol so I dipped into my weekly points. … [Read more...]

Daily Diet 5/2

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Daily Diet 5/1

I was on the computer all day today. I moved more than usual, achieving 122% of my activelink goal, but didn't get a point. I'm not sure what the percentage I need to hit is. … [Read more...]

Daily Diet 4-30

I got 2 Activelink points today! Woohoo! I love this thing! … [Read more...]

Daily Diet 4-29-13

I'm so proud of myself! I either did stair stepping on my steps or the wii all day today! I made myself get off my ass and do a few minutes each hour, and all 6 lights lit up on my activelink right as I got into bed. … [Read more...]

Daily Diet 4/28

I was at a seafood festival today and was so proud of myself for avoiding all the yummy fried platters. Then we went to Cracker Barrel, my favorite. But I made good choices. I got the whole wheat toast, (saving 1 point each) and got fruit instead of hash browns. Then I had the munchees at midnight and ate every 2 point snack I could find. But I got a point from my activelink. I loved seeing that thing all lit up. … [Read more...]