Daily diet 4-24-13 day 8

My son's band had a show at a local restaurant (a tavern) tonight. Rounds of shots were passed (not to my son, he's 15!) and I had 1 cake flavored vodka. It was yummy. Then when I got home, I was buzzed and forgot I ate half of my 7 year old's tater tots and ate some crap. So I used 3 weekly points today :( … [Read more...]

Daily Diet 4-23-13 Day 7

Today I was literally too busy to stop and eat. So I was left with 15 points. Tomorrow, will be a challenge. My son's band is playing at my favorite restaurant where they don't have any good low-points dishes. But I will find something! Here was today: Well, as I was going to bed, after I posted this, I realized...a)I was famished and b)I forgot to add a mini bar to my diary. So I grabbed a 100 calorie bag of cookies and added the bar from earlier. Then when I looked at all of the bars in the app, I remembered I hadn't tasted the chocolate mint yet! We can't have that, can we? So I added 7 points: 4 for the 2 bars and 3 for the 100 cal pack. … [Read more...]

Daily diet 4/22/13 day 6

Well clearly I'm not eating much healthier, but I am getting more fruits in at least. I keep a strange schedule, I am typing this at 2:28 am. I get up with my kids and often go back to bed. Today I slept all morning! Then woke up and just wasn't hungry. The idea of veggies today made me gag. But I thought twice before I ate anything, and i would have eaten a lot more crap today, so that's a step in the right direction. … [Read more...]

Daily Diet Day 5: 4/22/13

My fruit salad got cut off. I went 1 point over because my husband left the peanut butter out and of course I had to eat it. Follow my blog with Bloglovin … [Read more...]

Daily Diet Day 4 4/20 (ha!)

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Daily Diet 4-19-13 Day 3

  Notice the time I took this screen shot? I was still up. That's when all the snacks came in. … [Read more...]

Thursday 4-18-13 Day 2

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Daily Diet 4-7-13 Day 1

My issue is I eat crap all day long. Every time I take a break, I wander into the kitchen. (I work in the dining room, right next door). I was prepared with WW snacks, and frankly, I just wanted to try everything.   They didn't have the cake flavored bar so I substituted. Lemon. I had 5 points left. You're supposed to eat all of your points. But what was I going to do? Stuff my face with cookies? … [Read more...]

Daily Diet

I will be posting a screen shot of my food journal here every day. It won't show up on the main page, but if you wan't you can access it here. Maybe putting it out there will keep me more accountable. If you do keep track, and notice I miss a day or two, kick me in the ass! … [Read more...]