Daily Diet 4/27

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Daily Diet 4-26-13 Weigh-in Day!

I lost 4 pounds! Woohoo! I used some of my weekly points because the rice had 2 more points than I thought. … [Read more...]

Daily Diet 4-25-13 Day 9

Stress stress stress! I was dealing with so many fires yesterday I barely had time to get up from the computer. So here was what I ate...weigh in today! (Friday) … [Read more...]

Daily diet 4-24-13 day 8

My son's band had a show at a local restaurant (a tavern) tonight. Rounds of shots were passed (not to my son, he's 15!) and I had 1 cake flavored vodka. It was yummy. Then when I got home, I was buzzed and forgot I ate half of my 7 year old's tater tots and ate some crap. So I used 3 weekly points today :( … [Read more...]

Daily Diet 4-23-13 Day 7

Today I was literally too busy to stop and eat. So I was left with 15 points. Tomorrow, will be a challenge. My son's band is playing at my favorite restaurant where they don't have any good low-points dishes. But I will find something! Here was today: Well, as I was going to bed, after I posted this, I realized...a)I was famished and b)I forgot to add a mini bar to my diary. So I grabbed a 100 calorie bag of cookies and added the bar from earlier. Then when I looked at all of the bars in the app, I remembered I hadn't tasted the chocolate mint yet! We can't have that, can we? So I added 7 points: 4 for the 2 bars and 3 for the 100 cal pack. … [Read more...]

Daily diet 4/22/13 day 6

Well clearly I'm not eating much healthier, but I am getting more fruits in at least. I keep a strange schedule, I am typing this at 2:28 am. I get up with my kids and often go back to bed. Today I slept all morning! Then woke up and just wasn't hungry. The idea of veggies today made me gag. But I thought twice before I ate anything, and i would have eaten a lot more crap today, so that's a step in the right direction. … [Read more...]

Daily Diet Day 5: 4/22/13

My fruit salad got cut off. I went 1 point over because my husband left the peanut butter out and of course I had to eat it. Follow my blog with Bloglovin … [Read more...]