First Monday Check-in 1-11-16

Monday Check in

Well damn. You’d think I’d be all guns-ho the first week and lose that 4-5 lbs first excited week weight? Um no. 1.2 lbs. I’ll take it though, it’s better than a gain!

It’s been a super stressful, stuck-at-my-computer week. I overhauled my main blog over at Ana’s Attic and there was just so much to deal with! Now I’m still playing catch up.

Here is my e-mail box:


I have 2 books I wanted to review tomorrow and haven’t even started one. I haven’t done my best of 2015 list yet. I can’t remember the last time I opened mail and paid bills. So yeah, I have a lot to catch up on, and the stress isn’t most conducive to losing weight.

Successes this week:

  • Used My Fitness Pal 4 days
  • Exercised a little 5 days (A little is better than not at all)
  • Drank more water than soda and sobe.
  • Haven’t given in to major PMS chocolate cravings.
  • Roasted veggies for a snack, and loved it.


  • Ordered Papa Johns with the kids for the Brownie Cookie “Brookie” dessert (Holy hell, I want to roll in it!)
  • Only used My Fitness Pal 4 Days
  • Made my step goal only once.

Maybe going “All In” like I have done (and failed at) so many times isn’t the best for me. Maybe counting small successes is the way to go. I mean, if I lose a pound a week, I will be very close to my goal in a year. So I’m counting this past week as a success, and I hope to do better this week.

Tell me your successes and failures!

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