Monday Check-in 1-25-16

Monday Check In

I can’t believe how bad my willpower is! I NEED to get off sugar, but I love it so much. I need my fix! I swear it’s harder than when I quit smoking. But I guess cutting back is better than going as I was, right?

So I lost 1.2 pounds this week. I didn’t deserve to. I didn’t exercise. I hardly watched what I ate, but I did make a few healthier decisions. Just not enough. I never get past lunch in my tracking on My Fitness Pal. Last week was rainy and cold and I was too busy to exercise.


I read 3 books. I could have read them on the treadmill.

I was at the computer so much last week, that my hips started to hurt when I got up. Too much of the same position. I didn’t even walk my dog last week, just let her in the yard.

I also ordered in every night. Sure, I ordered chicken and broccoli for Chinese night instead of worse choices, and I had 1.5 slices of pizza instead of 2, but really I made no healthy choices.

So even though I lost weight, it wasn’t a good week.

This week’s goals:

  • Hit 6,000 steps a day (should be easy!)
  • Set an alarm on my fitbit to get up once every hour.
  • Cook at least twice (that’s way more than usual) and not the junk I cook (like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and chicken casserole with cheese-its on top, my son’s favorite). I’m going to use the Cuisinart Griddler to make healthy grilled chicken instead of cheese filled sandwiches and waffled cinnamon rolls.
  • Go to bed by 2am every night. I have been slipping closer and closer to 5am every night, and they say the less you sleep, the more weight issues you have.
  • Take my Plexus Pink Drink every day and see if it works like last time, when I lost 17 lbs.
  • Drink at least a full big bottle of plain water a day (not sobe).

So. I have real goals now. Not just “be good”. And I am not doing anything so hard to achieve. Small changes may lead to keeping the weight off, and I won’t feel deprived or cranky.

Now I’m off to take the dog for a walk to get my son at school instead of letting my husband pick him up at car line.

Tell me, do you have successes for the week? Failures? New goals for this week?



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