Monday Check-In 2-1-16

Monday Check In

Hi! So maybe this checking in thing is working! I’m down 6.4 points total, 1.8 from last week. I’m not sure how. I guess I am being more mindful. I went out for breakfast with my friend the other day, and only ate half the bagel and didn’t get hashbrowns. Tonight when my family all got cheesesteaks, I got the steak and cheese on a salad. I exercised more than usual, but only made my step goal twice 🙁

I didn’t exercise today either, because I woke with a pretty bad backache. But tomorrow, hopefully I will be back to better decisions, more water and more steps. I’m encouraged by the results! If I keep losing 6 pounds a month I’ll be where I want to be in a year. Works for me!

This week there was an incredible movement on Facebook started by Harper Sloan. #PerfectlyImperfect made us post a photo of our natural self. And it made us embrace what we are now. It was really beautiful seeing all the posts. Let me tell you, it was a wake up call. And I think I’m going to be a lot more gentle with the self hate from now on. I encourage you to look through the hashtag. It had me in tears for hours. Maybe if I get over the self hate, I’ll be under to myself and my body.

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