Monday Check-in 2-8-16

Monday Check In

Well it all caught up to me. I gained back 3 pounds in a week! FUCK YOU SUPER BOWL! Honestly, I deserved it. I didn’t even bother watching what I ate or exercise this past week. I will be better this week! At least I checked in.

So, how about you?


  1. Hello Ana, I read your about Ana…. You described me to a tee…. The only thing I’m missing is the kids, mine are grown and gone… But don’t you just hate the men in our lives sometimes? I started a clean eating challenge with a group my daughter started. Screwed up the second day, today is the third day and I’m going to screw up again, it is my birthday after all. Celebrated yesterday and I’m going to celebrate today to…. Thanks for letting me vent ha ha… Have a great day…

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