Scared to Weigh In

I weigh in tomorrow on Weight Watchers. In the 9 days before I started WW I did My Fitness Pal and lost 4.2 pounds. But I got on my scale today and was up .4 pounds. I have followed Weight Watchers so easily this week, maybe it was too easy? I had a good number of points left every day, and I know people say to eat more points, but I’m not hungry! And if I do eat more, I prefer fruit, which is 0 points.

The majority of my points this week were spent on fats. Since I am a night owl, I don’t eat until around 1pm, and 3 eggs and a slice of light toast with a teeny bit of butter is 1 point. If I want a snack, I have fruit or veggies.  Then I have a dinner of grilled chicken or shrimp & veggies with a starchy side dish of about 5 points (I had regular pasta tonight, rice last night), and the olive oil for cooking is about 5 points and the butter for pasta or rice is about 3. Then I stay up for about another 6 hours after dinner. That’s when I usually snack the most. But I have been having a WW mini bar for 2 points, fruit for 0, and sugar free chocolate pudding and cool whip lite for 3.

So that’s 19 points on a good day. I get 27. Today I accidentally ate chips because they were left out and looked yummy. I counted the 5 points, and at 11:30pm, I still have 11 points left and 66 weeklies.

So people say eat more of your points if you aren’t losing. But I am still full from dinner where I had a whole bag of brussels sprouts and a ton of grilled chicken.

The first week is always the easiest on a diet. You are excited and prepared. It’s all new and kind of fun. So sure, it was easy this week. Next week I face challenges–we are going away for the weekend. I wish I could save all my extra points from this week!

I’m sure I will show a loss this week, even if I don’t on my home scale, because it was a rare cold day for my first weigh in. I had jeans and a sweater on. Tomorrow it’s yoga pants and a T, so I better lose at least clothing weight, right? But I want to see it naked on my scale at home. I NEED to see results to stay motivated!

Non Scale Victory for the week: I cooked more this week that I have cooked in the last 3 months together and ate at the dinner table with my family more than the last 3 months together as well.


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