What Is It About Repeating Diets?

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What is it about repeating diets?

I have been on every diet. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers from when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and they had exchanges. I was 27. I had no kids. I worked out 2x a day, and was taking the now banned ephedra. I lost 43 pounds and got down to a size 3/4….for a day. (I wasn’t even that skinny when I was a high school cheerleader)

I kept most of the weight off for 2 years until I had my first kid. Then I quit smoking and gained 65 pounds. I actually left the hospital heavier than when I went in, but I dropped a whole baby! WHAT.THE.FUCK???

That’s when I tried all sorts of diets, I’d lose 20, gain 30. I developed joint pain so I could never exercise as much, plus I now had a kid to care for. I have tried WW again at least 15 times since, and never made it past 5 weeks.

Then I had kid number 2. I gained another 35 pounds, and the same thing happened….I came out weighing more than when I went in, and brought home a 9 pound baby! Neither of my kids breast fed, which I’m sure didn’t help things.

Then I lost about 40 pounds on the Smart for Life Cookie Diet, and kept it off for a year. Then I switched jobs and was nowhere near the center who weighed me every week. I slowly gained it all back with interest.

I have since restarted the Cookie diet 6-7 times. I lose 15-20 pounds then gain it back, because I don’t get over there often any more.  I lost 30 on HCG, I gained back 40. Subsequent rounds, I never made it through the first month.

I think when a plan is new and exciting you get into it, but once the excitement wears off, old habits come back. The times I have been truly successful at dieting was when losing weight was the number one focus in my life. Right now I have so many other things going on in my life that I don’t have the focus needed to do a very strict plan. Since obviously it hasn’t worked long-term in the past, maybe I need a new way.

I know it takes a lifestyle change. Not easy when nobody else in your family is willing to change, you hate to cook (and suck at it), and you are a picky eater. I also need accountability. I need someone else to see my weight. I will work harder that way, and that is the only time I have ever been successful. But I also need it local and convenient. The closest Weight Watchers is 25 minutes away. The Cookie diet is 35-40 minutes away. The times I did well at both was when they were within 5 minutes of work or home.

So tomorrow, I will literally drive to the closest shopping plazas and see what diet places or nutritionists are nearby, and try something new. But I don’t want a fad. I don’t have a deadline for a change. If it takes a year to lose 25 pounds, it’s better than the 15-20 I have been gaining every year!  I’ll let you know what I find.

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