Why Girl Scouts? Why?

girlscoutcookiesAnd I have NEVER been able to understand WHY the Girl Scouts sell cookies starting in January. Hello? I just made my dieting resolution 3 days before those cookies went on sale! They get me when my will power is the strongest! Start selling those things in  April or May, or better yet September/October and I can guarantee I will grab a few boxes, but January? No. Maybe that is their money for the rest of the year? Maybe they need to change that. Because if I feel that way, I know I can’t be the only one.

girl scout cookies


  1. I know, we just get rid of all the Christmas cookies and the girl scouts show up. I think the troops use the money to fund their field trips. A friend was a troop leader and each troop only makes about .52 cents per box so if you want to support them, but don’t want the cookies just make a donation. I know easier said then done, Thin Mints are my downfall.

  2. The only reason I don’t feel too terribly bad when I buy a box is because the boxes have like 10 cookies in the box these days! I’m sticking to this theory for LESS guilt…

  3. Lisa Langrell says:

    These fucking Samoas cookies. I ate the whole box in a few days. You know..1 here, then 3 there, then 5 there. Poof! Box gone! Hubby rolls in yesterday with MORE cookies. I know there for a good cause, but my ass is becoming a cause. I tmay eventually have its own heart beat and zip code at the rate im going.

  4. As a GS leader and cookie mom, I have said for years that they need to change fall products and cookies. We would make so much more money in the fall…hello stocking stuffers!! Sue (above) is right, we only make between 50 and 65 cents per box we sell. If you make a donation, the money goes directly to the troop. Or in the case of some troops, they take their donation money and turn it into Troop to Troop sales (cookies sent overseas to our armed forces). That’s another thing you can also do though, if you’re wanting to support them. Offer to purchase T2T boxes. They get the same credit and you’ve sent the troops a little comfort from home.

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