The Sandwich Generation – Guest Post by Chelly

Guest Post by Chelly Massey I am a part of the Sandwich Generation, and no that’s not because I started Keto and don’t eat bread. Although some days, I would cut off my left hand for a #11 no tomatoes from Jimmy John’s. No, I am a member of the ever-growing population known as “The Sandwich Generation.” The phrase was coined back in 1981 by social worker Dorothy Miller, to describe those adults in their 30-40s who are caring for our aging parents while also raising our own kids and growing our careers. I was forced into this role back around 2011. 18 years earlier, my Dad in his early 50s was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. At that time, I thought Parkinson’s meant shaking hands and … [Read more...]

The Reality of Perimenopause

I talked about getting old last week. Now let’s talk about the hell that is menopause, or actually Perimenopause. Because of the autoimmune illnesses I have, I can’t take hormones. My husband has a fear of doctors and will never get snipped. I should have tied my tubes during my last c-section but never thought about it until the doctor put me on the spot in the middle of the operation. So we’ve been using condoms for years and taking our chances for the couple of days before and after my period. Well now that I never know when to expect my period, that fun is shot. For the last 2-3 years, I started getting irregular. I should also own stock in EPT, because we were careful, but those … [Read more...]

Getting Old Sucks

The Side Effects No One Told Me This morning I was putting on my makeup about 45 minutes after I got up and noticed the sheet marks still creasing half of my face. A few years back, they would be gone after my first morning pee. Today they were still there when I left the house. Luckily my long hair covered most of it because I looked disfigured. As I am struggling to lose weight, I do worry about my skin not bouncing back. I have seen people who lose weight look much older, and when people tell me I don’t look even close to my age, I know it’s just my fat plumping out those wrinkles. Yesterday I trimmed and refreshed the purple in my hair. My hair grazed my ass when it was wet, and … [Read more...]