Horizontal Stripes. Yay or Nay?

photo copy 2I was going through my mail today and came across the newest Lane Bryant catalog. I shop there a lot, even though I have some trouble fitting into their clothes correctly (my boobs are too small, but the rest of me fits fine). More than 50% of the catalog had horizontal stripes.

I don’t know about you, but I was brought up thinking horizontal stripes are a major no-no for anyone with a few pounds to lose. But this summer, I figured, since they are all the rage, I will buy some. I bought a pretty striped shirt, then I saw a photo of myself in it. Granted, I hate most photos of myself, but this one was worse. WAY WORSE. I never wore the shirt again.

Obviously people are buying these stripes. Are you?


  1. Oh God no.

  2. Really Lane Bryant…that is crazy talk…hello we shop there for a reason and adding horizontal stripes doesn’t help. I have some picture secrets, first I usually have someone in front of me and 2nd if I don’t it is normally a head shot with friends etc and I make sure my neck is not pulled back because that makes it look like a have more chins than a phone book!! I usually make sure my neck is extended without looking like an ostrich and smile…plus everything is digital these days, don’t like it RETAKE!

  3. Meh, sometimes they are ok…pair it with a cardi or vest to break it up a little.

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