Lessons From My First Week of Weight Watchers

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A Dozen Thoughts About My First Week:

1: The first week of anything is easy and fun

2: I need the meetings.

3: Track Track Track, if you’re not gonna track, don’t bother.

4: You really can eat anything without guilt, but you may have to sacrifice other things to eat it (how many diets let you drink alcohol?)

5: The meeting leaders and staff do make a difference! When I walked in for my first weigh-in, the leader gave me a hug and asked how I did. She seemed genuinely excited to see me. The 3 women that work there are also about my age, and all have great success stories, and look phenomenal. My previous experiences had leaders that were all WAY older than me.

6: Even though I just finished my assessment week now with my Activelink, just wearing it makes me more conscious of how little I move.

7: The Weight Watchers snacks are yummy, but I need to try to make healthier choices.

8: Little changes add up.

9: Did I say TRACK? I mean right away. It’s easy to forget what you ate and overeat later.

10: Drinking 8 glasses of water is really hard for me to do, I need to set reminders, and develop habits of drinking at certain times to get it in.

11: I must need to move a lot more during sex, because it barely registered on my activelink, but then again, I put it on the strap of a tank top that was pulled up around my neck (They say to wear it in the shower too. Huh?)

12: I feel like I can do this, as long as I remember to track!

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