New Year’s Resolution Failure


I have a big weekend away that I can’t wait for next weekend. I am meeting my idols–14 amazing authors, and 80 other women, many who are fans of my other blog, Ana’s Attic Book Blog. I really wanted to look my best. Especially after I just came back from an all inclusive gorge-my-faceathon vacation over New Year’s.

If I REALLY wanted to, I could have easily lost 20 pounds in the 5 weeks by going on the Smart for Life Cookie diet. It is the one diet that always works for me, because, well, I like cookies! These are pretty good too. I went, paid my money, did the Doctor visit. Then that same day, I strangely lost hearing in one of my ears. (Totally unrelated).

The ear doctor put me on large amounts of steroids. I got hungry and moody and said FUCK IT! I lasted a week on the diet. Lost 7 pounds. I’m off the steroids, but now I am so busy planning the Wicked Girls Book Weekend and stressing about it, that I am just grazing on whatever crap I find (you wouldn’t believe the junk in my house).

Plus, I plan on drinking that weekend. Large amounts. So, guess what my attitude is??? You guessed it, I’ll start on the Monday after, oh well–maybe Tuesday, Monday’s still a holiday.


But when I get back….it’s game on again!



  1. Diet means will power, I have none. But hey, I did a research study last year…Willpower is there when they waive money in your face! I lost like 25 lbs but guess what happened when it was over I gained (with interest). If I could get paid to lose weight and eat or drink their crap I would be a fucking super model. I just haven’t foudn what works for me. My co-worker just said to me today I am the reason she gained weight…because when I was on shakes for my research she did shakes with me and when I stopped she stopped…lmao…I told her I would gladly do it with her again…you guessed it after the weekend “Starting on Monday” but not this week because I don’t check out until Monday, guess I’ll start the following Monday:-)

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