When Your Teen is Smarter Than You

teenager smarter than youI’m not stupid. I graduated college with a 3.98. But that was a LONG time ago. All that knowledge has disappeared into a cloud of pot smoke. Seriously, when I substitute teach, I won’t even teach 6th grade math. Ugh, math. I hated it then, I hate it even more now. I may know more about life than my son, but I have to admit, he knows more about a LOT of stuff compared to me.

He is in 11th grade and taking 3 AP courses (he has already taken two) and is in all advanced classes. He is busy learning every day, while I’m reading dirty books and spending my day on Facebook and twitter. So yeah, at this point, the fucker is smarter than me, at least book wise. But there is the key word there….WISE. That is something this child is not.

He is a good student, but honestly, as much as I love him, he’s an asshole! He knows he is smarter than most people, he always has been. And he lets you know he is. Often.

He is also so talented, and better at guitar than many famous guitar players, and is so obsessed with guitar gear that he really does know more than almost any adult on that matter thanks to at least 5 hours a day spent on The Gear Page, a guitar gear forum.

He hates everyone. Seriously! Unless they know as much about music and are as obsessed with the Allman Brothers as he is, he hates them. He doesn’t care about what people think of him, he does what he wants, and there is the problem.

He is a paid musician. His band plays the local restaurants, festivals and carnivals. But my Mr. Know-it-all refuses to pick crowd pleasing tunes, instead picking the most obscure songs he can find, plus his originals.

Don’t agree with him? Kill yourself. That’s what he says.

It’s only his attitude though. He is a good kid, never once getting in trouble, scared shitless of drugs, does well in school, spends his free time at home playing guitar instead of out partying, and we come to every gig. He’s not goth, he has great taste in music, he doesn’t sag his pants and he’s funny (in a quirky, weird, smart way). I really shouldn’t complain at all….but when he does the chest slapping “duh” move to me, I just want to knock his teeth out. And since he got his license yesterday, he also thinks he knows how to drive better than us.


Worst of all, his 8 year old brother is already becoming just like him.

Are all teens like this?

Let me know your thoughts, do you have a know-it-all?


  1. yes I think all teens are like that. I hated my parents from the age of 12-24…I’m so glad I have a pretty good relationship with my mom now.

  2. IveGotLotsToSay AKA Lisa says

    My son is 8. So what your saying is….the shit doesn’t end? Ever? They had the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” books..but there isn’t one beyond what..1-2 yrs old? Perhaps we should put our collective minds together and write a book on all the shit passed 1 or 2. There’s a LOT of shit to cover and parents need to know! Like for instance: Little boys pissing all over the floor in the bathroom. That shit doesn’t end! ( I say shit a lot- it covers so many emotions) The boy is 8 and he STILL pisses on the seat-same for grown men! The “tude” yea well it starts young. The only way to avoid any kid talking back? Don’t let them out of the house. EVER. Staple em’ duct tape em’ but don’t let them out. The minute you do. its like germs, they pick that sassy shit up and bring it home infecting the whole house! ok ok ..im good. And exhale.

    • My 8 year old is worse than my 16 year old, but he’s learning by example. And he’s still so cute I giggle at him.

  3. Sharon Chalk says

    my daughter was also in AP classes and thought she was so smart,it didn’t matter that I skipped 2 grades,she said school is harder now than when I was in school,but I couldn’t complain because she was an excellent kid,never gave me a days worry or got involved in trouble or troubling activities,now she has an 8 year old son who is in 3 AP classes and he is smarter on the computer than both of us put together!!! He also has a smarty attitude problem but even his teacher lets him get away with it cause they all laugh so much at what he says,I say thank goodness she had him and not me cause I had it easy compared to what she is going to go thru if he is that much of a handful at age 8,I don’t even want to think about high school!!!!!

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