The Bra Fitting

bra-fit-1I HATE bras. Hate them! The first chance I get I do the whip your bra off thing under my shirt. At any time, you may walk in my house and see a bra flung somewhere. So I look for comfort. But if I don’t wear an underwire, my boobs look like a flat pool noodle is around me.

I haven’t been properly fitted for a bra since I put on 50 pounds. I was a 36 B, at my last fitting (that woman scarred me, she came into the dressing room and manhandled my boobies while stuffing me into a bra) and all I have done is increase the back size since. I am now a 40 B. Or so I thought.

I have bought new bras lately that fit pretty well. So the other day, I popped in a store to get some clothes for the kids and grabbed another one of the bras I recently bought and liked, and checked out. On my way out, I saw there was a bra fitting event going on right then. So I turned around and went for it.

After waiting for about 10 minutes in the bra section, I kept stroking this one bra. STROKING! This thing was so smooth and silky feeling I actually wanted to put it on my body. They only had a 40 C but I grabbed while I was waiting.

So I went in for the fitting. The lady measures me up and says I’m a 42 FF!!!! WHAT.THE.FUCK.??????????? A 42 FF? Does that exist? My boobs aren’t big, I’m chubby. I showed her the bra I was wearing, which fit well, and was a 40B. So she calls in her co-fitter.

The woman tried to nicely tell the original fitter that my excess fat (she called it “bonus skin”) was the issue. So they brought in a bunch of bras in 40 B and C for me to try. They were fun, and since I always shop alone, it was nice having a second opinion. Turned out that the one bra I couldn’t stop stroking was the one that fit me perfectly. Best fitting bra ever…and the softest. And it was a 40 C.

I keep wanting to walk up to strangers and say “Stroke me! Feel how soft my boobies are!”

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 6.36.17 PM


It was called the Maidenform Comfort Devotion Extra Coverage Bra. I bought two, and am about to go on Amazon and try some other styles. The wireless one looks great for when my kids have friends over and I don’t want to be flopping around them. If it’s the same fabric, it will be awesome. Free returns on Amazon is a great bonus. 🙂

How about you? Have you been fitted for a bra?


  1. I hate bras, but I usually always wear one, most times even to bed! I hate my boobs, after the weight loss they became flat deflated blobs of skin. If I ever need a mammogram I’m going to ask them to turn the machine (or me) sideways, because when I bend over they look like a squashed missile. Bras don’t fit me. My boobs either muffin out the cup or you can stick your hand between the cup and my boob there’s so much extra room. And the smaller size bras have less material around the band out comes the back skin. I have been wearing the kind you step in that have no real support because I don’t have to worry about bumpy back, but there’s no real lift and support in the front. Why cant they have a bra that has support in the front and a wider band? I’m not a 20 something with perky boobs. Nor am I a grandma I don’t want a ugly bra! I have gone to get fitted at VS they just measure you over your bra you have on, that doesn’t fit! What good is that! I hate bras, but I also hate not wearing one!

    • Exactly! Well said. My bras often pop a gap near my cleavage. It’s hot. NOT. But this bra fit me so well, I am shocked (I still whip it off when I don’t need it though). At least this one has 3 hooks vs 2 offering a little more back coverage as well.

  2. I doubt the VS staff has any idea of how to fit a bra. I worked in lingerie and we got three minutes of training. Measure around the bust at the fullest point and under the breast. If there was one inch difference it was A, 2, B, 3 = C, etc.. At the lingerie shop here they spend as long as needed to get the right bra and a comfortable one. They spent an hour with my Mom last year. .

    If you are a cup larger than a B you should try the Soma Intimates. They have extra side coverage.

    • That’s why this woman didn’t know. She didn’t know how to account for fat! The bra I bought was actually a C, but now I have 3, plus a ton of other new bras…I better stop.

  3. I go to Nordstrom’s to get fit. They have lots of styles for various types of support needed (larger sizes) – and most are really cute. While they can be expensive, they are great quality and have sales throughout the year. I have also been to Macy’s for a fitting and they were fine, but Nordstrom’s seems to have more styles and sizes.

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