I’m excited!

images-1I began this journey on Weight Watchers kind of reluctantly. Usually when I start a new diet I am so gung-ho, and all I want to do is find out HOW LONG it took everyone to lose the weight.

Now I have no deadline. Just a commitment to go to meetings once per week. I don’t want to be skinny. I just want to be a nice size 14. (My size 18 pants have been getting snug). I knew I had to do something. But this isn’t all or nothing. Thank fuck, because I would have failed numerous times already, and given up.

I love that I can eat anything, but this forces me to make the better choices. I’m still struggling with eating a lot of junk, but I am aware of what I’m eating because I have to write it down, I cant just be a Hoover and suck down everything in my kitchen throughout the day. If you want my mini daily reports, they are under the Daily Diet section of this site.

Yesterday I was at a Seafood Festival on the beach because my son’s band was playing. There was a TON of amazing fried seafood platters. I found the one place that had grilled shrimp and salad. Yay me! Plus, I walked, A LOT. By the end of the day my whole Activelink was lit up! Yay me! That totally made my day.

I also insisted on keeping my shirt on during sex last night so I can keep my Activelink hooked to me. But I didn’t have a chance to hook it on this morning during sex. Damn. Guess I’ll have to do it again…. HONEY!!!!??????


  1. I just love your blog!! You crack me up and make me smile.

  2. You crack me up! It took me about 7 to 8 moths to drop 80 pounds and eventually another 20 some time later! I too started off wishing my size 18’s to just be a size 12! But after the 8 months, believe it or not I became addicted to working out and being in shape! Now a size 4 and I know I’m sick in the head because I want to be a 2, and I do own a pair of 2’s but they are apt9 from Kohl’s and they run big, but in my head it’s yelling at me THEY ARE A SIZE 2! But alas I am not a size 2 and realistically I will never be a size 2. I love that since joining a gym that I am starting to have definition in my arms. My body will never be perfect I’m pushing 40 and have had two children. Sometimes learning to love oneself, whatever your size is harder than one might think. Keep up the amazing work I am so happy for you and love how excited you are about your journey! Now can anyone tell me on average how many calories you burn having sex? I don’t think that is listed on My Fitness Pal?

    • I would think it depends on top or bottom! When I lost weight (in my twenties) I had a few pants that were a 3/4 and I was so excited to wear them! I fit into them for about a month. But I can still say I wore a 3 in my adult life!

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