I’ve Been So Lucky

Fathers_Day_Printable_webI’m so lucky.

I have some amazing dads in my life.

I read, a lot. And so often I read about people with horrible childhoods. I thank my lucky stars I grew up with a great family and my daddy is my hero. I remember him working a lot of hours, but he was very successful, and the hours he put in were worth it. I knew that young. Still, he was home for a late dinner with his family almost every night. He never missed any events or plays. He is a phenomenal husband who loves my mom like crazy. And I’m scared shitless of losing him. As his 80’s approach, however, I still don’t see my parents as old. They still have a great love and a great life. They travel the country to be at all of their grandkids shows and special events. My dad is generous, smart and a total sap. He cries at all the special events, he loves his family that much. I’m so lucky to have had a dad like that growing up and to STILL have a dad like that.

My husband of 22 years is the most devoted dad I have ever seen. Our boys come before everything else in this world. In fact, he was the stay home dad for my youngest while I worked. The man built every Christmas present the kids dreamed up if he couldn’t find it. I mean custom garages with opening doors for model cars, or gigantic parking garages, or burned out buildings for GI Joes that include rubble, lights and bullet holes. He’s a full-time roadie for my boys, dragging guitars and amps everywhere, he takes our sleeping boy up to his bed every night. He still drives and picks up from school because he loves to be with his kids. We are getting to the age now where I’m scared every day for him as well. He may look good, but he drinks soda non stop and eats like total crap. He is the love of my life and I couldn’t wish for a better dad for my boys, or imagine any minute of our lives without him. He is the glue that keeps our family together.

We lost his dad last year, but he was a great guy as well. A real New York Italian, he was always entertaining to be around, and took his fathering responsibility seriously, especially as he had to endure losing a child (my brother-in-law) at 40. I also have two great brother in laws who are great, devoted dads. So my life is filled with wonderful fathers.

For all the great dads out there….keep it up. The world needs more of you. And for the moms out there that are both Mom AND Dad…Happy Father’s day. You deserve an extra holiday. And for all those who have lost their dad…today is the day to remember him fondly.


Happy Father’s Day to all.



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