Can Someone Marie Kondo ME?

It’s my first Monday post of 2019. Does that tell you anything? January was a DISASTER for me. But it’s Monday, and it’s a day to start fresh. My goal for 2019 is to freshen up my house (as well as my body). After 23 years in this house, we have made very little changes over the years. Sure, we’ve replaced worn-out furniture, and I turned my dining room into an office of bookcases, but we have not done much else.

My house was built in 1996. We were the original buyers and at the time it was a “starter house” so we got the standard builder cabinets, counters and tile in the bathroom, and we laid our red oak floors ourselves. 23 years ago there were no wood floors in Florida, so it was super unique, now I hate the color, and our banister and wood blinds all match. About 12 years back we were thinking of moving, so I upgraded the kitchen counters to granite, and replaced the appliances, but that’s it. About 5 years ago we remodeled the tiny powder room ourselves. The water barely trickles out, so we did a shit job, but it looks good.

Now we are finally redoing the master bath and kid’s bath. My tastes have changed over the years and I am looking at clean and modern vs. the “Pottery Barn” style I have everywhere else in the house. So of course, it’s making me obsessed with freshening up everywhere, but as always, I can’t make a decision.

The Problems:

  • I’m a slob. I am the most disorganized, cluttery person ever. Yet instead of just cleaning out the shit that’s everywhere, I’m talking about remodeling. (I have a cleaning lady who actually makes it worse, she sticks things anywhere, but at least she cleans.)
  • The best thing we could do in the rest of the house is to paint our olive, khaki and red accent walls (believe me, they were gorgeous in 2000). But we can’t paint because we just have way too much shit everywhere! Yet what am I doing? Spending HOURS AND HOURS online shopping and Pinteresting ideas instead of Marie Kondoing my house!
  • We can’t repaint ourselves. We have 20 foot ceilings and need young guys with scaffolds, which will take us over budget.
  • We want to at least repaint the red accent wall, but we can’t find a color that goes well with the other 2 khaki/army green tones. We are trying to bring in grey, but I’m not sure it will work.

After obsessive shopping, I bit the bullet and I bought a new rug for my living room and it transformed the main space. Now that I have seen what that did, it’s just a damn tease for the rest of the house! It modernized the space so much, none of my other stuff goes, so it’s snowballing, and I’m obsessing. I bought new art that’s on its way (but want more), and I need a new rug now for my entry.

But I can’t seem to get off my ass and stop watching HGTV and cruising pinterest long enough to declutter first. It is so overwhelming!!! Watching Marie Kondo gives me anxiety. I could never get it done quickly, and leaving a HUGE pile of clothes or stuff will give me way too much stress unless I have someone like her to do it with.

Circling around, this new obsession has lead me to ignore my body even more. When I diet, that needs to be my main focus, my obsession. And it just isn’t! But every day is a new day I try to start. And every night is another night I go to bed mad at myself for neither dieting or cleaning. I have literally gotten NOTHING done in January because I just can’t seem to commit to anything!

How do I get out of this rut? Can anyone hire Marie to come over and help? I feel like maybe if I get decluttered it will open me up to decluttering my body, but I just can’t start!

I’ll keep you all apprised. Stay tuned and I am taking any color advice!

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