May 2018 Update

It has been a crazy, busy few months. I plan a large 3 day book signing in April, and my focus was 100% on that for the month before, not really stopping to have time to cook. I did some drinking and a whole lot of pudding shots, and I am thrilled I didn’t gain. I have completed 16 weeks and lost 21 pounds on Weight Watchers so far. And I’ll be honest. Though I am going to meetings and watching what I eat, I have been slacking on my tracking (See what I did there? I’m a poet and didn’t know it!).

I came back and have now been sick for three freaking weeks! I have had no energy to cook, but I’m hungrier than ever. Figures.
So tomorrow (Monday, of course), I am starting again. Tracking everything, and starting the one thing I haven’t yet, getting moving more. I always have a reason not to. First it’s my period (how much do you want to bet it happens this week because I said I wanted to start moving?) – and in the last few years the week before my period lays me out. Then it was a flare-up (I have auto-immune issues) then it was me having a sinus infection and bronchitis, which I am still suffering from.

I did my measurements tonight, thinking 21 pound should show some progress, I haven’t measured since 2/7. My measurements are EXACTLY the same. WTF?

So I need to step it up. There is NO EXCUSE. I’m starting slow, but I’m strapping on my fitbit and making sure I move, drink more water, and most important…TRACK.

PS: I have only missed ONE meeting since I started, and I am pretty proud of that!

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