On getting dressed……

yoga pants momI have been home with a sick kid for a week. A WEEK! Now my husband has the flu as well. Yay me. You know what that means? No nookie. No chauffeur. No guy to run out and get a few things. So yesterday, now that he is in bed, I finally had to run out and get a few things, and drive my healthy spawn around.

I realized I hadn’t left my house in 4 days. FOUR FUCKING DAYS! Which comfortably meant no bras for 4 days, no tight jeans for 4 days, no makeup for 4 days. That part was kind of nice. But I have to tell you, my house is a mess. WTF? I’m home, just on the computer from the minute I wake up till 3 am. I’m not sure what the hell I’ve been doing, but it sure as hell hasn’t been personal grooming or house cleaning. Or nookie. The kid being home during nookie time is really cramping our style.

I’ve showered and half-assed shaved, then put on yoga pants again. Yesterday I actually went out in the yoga pants! I never do that. (I did finally put on makeup, and I added some cool accessories, but they were still yoga pants) I didn’t even tweeze my eyebrows.

In fact, it’s 12:30 and I’m still wearing a t-shirt and underwear. I think I better drag my ass to the shower.

BTW, I felt so bad for my kid being sick, that I bought all of his favorite treats yesterday. The problem? He has no appetite. But I do. And those treats are calling my name!


  1. yeah…. in my workout clothes and the gym has yet to see my face. This computer, my reader, and my phone are EVIL!

  2. I should have said …the gym hasn’t seen me all year

  3. My husband and I both work from home. The only time I get dressed anymore is when I actually have to go see a client – which is like every 2 weeks or so. Occasionally, the hubs and I will do date night but most of the time I’m in yoga pants and a t-shirt – I do wear a bra everyday though – my boobs are way to big to be flapping around…LOL! As long as he doesn’t mind the no make-up me – I don’t see the point in getting up and getting dressed to only go to my home office and sit in front of a computer all day.

  4. I work from home too! I usually don’t get dressed until about 2 in the afternoon…. and that is only because I have to go pick up my son from school… Otherwise……… (I keep a jacket near the door in case someone comes… like the mailman…. don’t want to be flashing saggy boobs at him! LOL)

  5. Oh girl, Im the same way….every since I started my sabbatical (my new way of saying laid off), I spend my days in yoga pants, pj pants, etc. No bra, no undies. Its kind of liberating…until I realize I havent left the house in a few days.

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