Weight Watchers…Again

Giving Weight Watchers Another Try

It has been 19-20 months since I posted on this blog, and in that time, I have gained another 19-20 pounds! I was so excited to try Jasinda’s plan and go sugar free. But when everyone else in the group was showing a ton of progress and nothing was happening for me, it really made me feel even worse. I also found it unrealistically hard for me because I don’t cook much, my connective tissue disorder got way worse from walking, and my husband and son were still eating pizza and crap.

So I’ve been very seriously considering the gastric sleeve surgery. I’ve done a lot of research, and I have seen so many successes. But what I’m finding is that those that are successful at keeping it off were the people who overate real food. That’s not really my issue. Mine is that I graze on crap all day. Since I don’t cook well and have trouble being on my feet for long, I need something that allows for more convenience foods.

I caught an article ranking the best diets, and Weight Watchers was tied for #4 and the top commercial diet. So I was excited and ready to go back until read a post about it with hundreds of people bitching about how much they hated the new Freestyle plan, and how it’s too much like Atkins (high protein, low carb) because you can eat eggs, chicken breasts and other lean proteins for free, and how they lost all their points they used for snacks.

So I decided to try My Fitness Pal with Macros (percentage of fats/proteins/carbs). When I lost weight on WW 24 years ago, that’s basically what it was. You had to check the boxes as you ate your proteins, carbs, fats and dairy, and then had bonus points. I loved that plan, and kept at Lifetime membership for 2 years until I got pregnant. So I signed up for MFP premium, got my macros from IIFYM (warning, if you sign up you will be getting a shit ton of email), and started. I was never really close to my macros last week, but I had to get an idea of what I was eating and how to tweak it. But tracking kept me well under my calorie goals and I lost 4.2 lbs in the first 9 days.

But I like to be part of a community (MFP has a good one, but it’s very broad). And maybe I need a little more restriction, and to force myself to get dressed and leave my house to go to a meeting once a week. Yes, that means a bra! And I am seeing all sorts of people in the reading community joining Weight Watchers and some doing really well, so I decided that I would do WW until Wicked Book Weekend, April 20th. If I haven’t lost 20 pounds by then, then I would revisit the surgery. I will post here at least weekly in that time.

I’m excited there is a WW group for the book community, and most of us are new to the program. Today was my first day. I still have 9 points left, but I’m not even a little hungry, so I will roll over my 4 points. I am up for a few more hours, so I may use a few of those still left.

This is the first time in a few years I have been excited and not fearful of a diet. I was afraid to do Jasinda’s plan. Excited, but scared. It was such a DRASTIC lifestyle change for me, and my family was not on board. There are a few things about WW that bother me (they don’t differentiate between good and bad carbs – white and whole grains have equal points) but I feel like I can eat more of what I want just in moderation.

Check back next week, and I’ll let you know how it’s going! Weigh-in day is Wednesday.


  1. Excited for you!! Keep us posted! XOXO

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