Welcome to Starting on Monday!

keep-calm-and-start-a-diet-on-mondayStarting on Monday will be a place for all the women out there who know they are too curvy, but have too little time, motivation or willpower to do anything about it. Or for those that try to diet every Monday, only to eat a cookie after dinner. Or for those of you that have tried every diet under the sun only to gain it back, plus a few extra pounds. It’s for those women who know they need to make changes, whether it’s eating, exercising, or anything else. But continue saying….”I’ll start it on Monday”, or “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

This will be a place to talk about fashion, both for the curvy girl and regular size. We will talk about family, sex, marriage and kids. We will talk about diets, what works, what doesn’t, tips, maybe some recipes for lazy moms like you and me. We’ll talk exercise (of course, not too much!), we’ll talk books, TV, and movies. We’ll talk about self image and motivation. Hopefully I will have guest bloggers who tell us their stories.

I want it to be a fun place to chat about anything under the sun, but the main purpose will be tips and snarky fun for the woman who isn’t perfect, would like to be, but not enough to skip that homemade cookie or slice of pizza, and not enough to stop reading or watching TV and go to the gym.


It’s a curvy blog, a fashion blog, a mom blog, a book blog, a diet blog, and a fun blog….all in one.

Maybe, we will try to diet the lazy way….together. Come and join me, maybe we can motivate each other, and we will all be… Starting On Monday…Together.



  1. Now that I have had a chance to meet you, I love this blog even more. I found that I can be happy and be chunky as long as I don’t worry about what everyone else thinks and be happy for myself. Yes, I will alwyas be trying diets whether they work or not, but I will do them for myself not for what everyone else thinks I should do. This weekend I had a blast and yes there was food, but funny thing is I didn’t pig out the entire time like I thought I would. I found that I had fun and was happy and didn’t feel like I was being judged about what I put into my mouth. I found that there is nothing wrong with embracing my size or my attitude for that matter. As long as I am happy then it doesn’t matter what other people think of me. Thank you for your blogs and the opportunity to get to know you and being such a wonderful person.

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