Adding some color to my wardrobe….or not

black t-shirtThe other day I had an acquaintance tell me she thought she saw me someplace. When I told her it wasn’t me she said, “I guess it just looked that way from behind because you always wear a black t-shirt and dark jeans.”

She is right. At last count (and I’m sure I missed a few) I had 19 of the SAME shirt, motto mention the 100 other black shirts I have bought but rarely wear because they have either gotten shorter or hug my muffin top too much.

It is the plus sized boyfriend shirt from Target (see photo). Tissue weight, long and boxy, they don’t show anything I don’t want them to. I always layer long necklaces and long cardigans or vests, but I literally wear a fresh one every day.

As for color, my closet has tons. I just don’t wear any of it.

Since I started this blog, I started following some more curvy fashion blogs. These girls look awesome all the time! I want to be able to pull off these styles!

After a weekend away with my skinny, perfect fashion-plate sisters and mom, I decided to go shopping. Besides, I have a dressy dinner dance on Saturday and can use a new dress. The only plus stores around me are Avenue, Lane Bryant and Macy’s. I hit up Avenue and Macy’s last week with no luck,so Lane Bryant, here I come!

I walked in and was so excited that a gazillion things caught my eye! I loaded up the dressing room, trying to get some fun, flirty spring fashion (don’t ask me why. What, am I dressing up to go to the supermarket?)

As I tried things on, I literally laughed at myself in almost everything. I looked like a fat clown. But I found a great dress…black of course, with some gold beading. Guess what? It’s the same exact dress that I have and wear to every dressy event, just with slightly different beading. I found jeans that fit great….but I already have the exact same pair.

What else did I buy? BLACK yoga pants (no, I didn’t need another pair) a black tank workout shirt (maybe it will inspire me), a dressy black sleeveless top with pink beads (color!) and……a white eyelet jacket. Woohoo! Look at me, adding white!

Oh yes, and I bought some spanx. You know the torture devices? See my post on Spanx here.

Perhaps I wasn’t meant to wear color. I always carry a bright bag, but that’s it for color. Because….black is slimming, right? RIGHT???

Do you have a particular item of clothing that you love enough to buy in every color, or buy multiples of it?


  1. I was guilty of the same thing…browns. blacks, grays. My friend hauled me to the store and made me try on and buy COLOR. And Im glad. You dont have to give up your black to get color…add a bright colored tank under a cardi. Or a cardi with a a maxi dress. Maybe some colored jeans ( I saw some at Avenue) or shorts. Im sure you didnt look like a clown, but we are our own worst critics. I think I need a road trip and you and I can go shopping!

    • I have a thing for bright purses. So I always have color there. And I wear lots of those open cardigan/vest thingies. They cover my muffin top.

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