Cleaning For The Cleaning Lady

cleaning ladyI have always had a cleaning lady. Even growing up. Am I rich? No, not at all…even unemployed I would still have one. I’d eat spam before I got rid of her. My favorite day is the day I come home to a clean house, sheets changed, laundry folded. The amount of happiness that one thing gives me is worth any price.

I SUCK at cleaning. I will start to put stuff away, then notice the drawer needs cleaning, dump the drawer, then get distracted and walk away leaving an even bigger mess. My ADD is so bad, I honestly have trouble putting away all the papers the kids bring home during the week.  I also don’t deal with getting dirty…I have 3 boys in the house, toilets are gross. I don’t get why their aim sucks so bad, but it does. I don’t have pets anymore because I don’t want to clean shit anymore.

My cleaning lady is like a part of my family. I love her to pieces. She isn’t that great at cleaning…like not great at all. So I still do the big every few month cleanings of crevices and high things, but I don’t care. I trust her, I love her, she comes when expected, and she cleans when I know it wouldn’t get done otherwise.


Here is the thing. We bust our asses the night before she comes “cleaning for the cleaning lady”. I never understood this as a kid, and would always bitch how it didn’t make sense. (We had cleaning men, like from a service…so of course we needed to put away our dirty undies!) My kids bitch about it now. But I get it, don’t you? They are coming to CLEAN, not put my crap away. They need to get to the surfaces under the mess to clean it! If those fucking toy soldiers that kill my feet aren’t picked up, they are going to break the vacuum.

My cleaning lady has been away for 3 weeks now. All I can say is, I am miserable. I had to clean toilets, they got too gross not to. But we haven’t done a “clean for the cleaning lady” rush, so there is crap everywhere, and I seem to have a mental block in the cleaning/organizing department.


Lazy? Well, yes. But I’ll tell you this, as much as we all complain about “cleaning for the cleaning lady”, I can’t freakin’ wait for her to get back!



  1. Ive never understood cleaning before the cleaning lady arrived…but Ive never had one, so there ya go! 😉

  2. Terry Barry says

    I get it……my mother and I ran a cleaning business. We would get really upset if we had to pick up every little thing, then clean. We only had one house that we ad to do that for, and believe me, we charged for it.
    We also had afternoon jobs where each one of us had an elderly lady we took care of in the afternoons. So we had only so many hours to clean before we went to the the job.
    My niece cleans for me now, and I et up and pick up our stuff, before she gets here. Husband thinks I’m nuts, lol.

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