My Hair Is My Shield

9394&v=fit512If anyone ever asked what my favorite feature is about myself, I would have to say it’s my hair. Until yesterday, I had VERY long hair for a mom, very similar to the photo above. Almost waist length. It is my shield. I hide behind my hair, hoping people notice my hair first instead of my weight. I never wear it up, NEVER- unless I’m working out (haha, rarely) or sleeping.

I also felt that without all that hair, my head would be too small for my body. But it was getting to the point that my hair was actually drawing the eye downward to my belly and hips….a place I certainly don’t want eyes! And it was getting too flat on top because of all the weight, effectively making the small head thing come true.

So yesterday I lopped off about 6 inches. I feel naked and exposed now. I cried in the shower when my hand slipped through my hair to nothing. Even my husband gave me the pouty lip. It’s still longish, but my boobs are exposed now. I haven’t seen them in years. I also dyed it for the first time, because my son said I had a couple of greys (I didn’t see them, but whatever). Hey, that is one thing that is so easy to fix, I might as well do what I can!

My friend told me last night that she keeps her hair long to cover her double chin. Makes perfect sense to me.

Luckily, hair grows, and mine grows pretty quickly. But right now I feel like I lost the one special thing about me, and my security blanket as well.

What about you? Do you hide behind your hair?


  1. Girl, you know I do! I feel like its the one thing that can always look good, no matter what size I am. Its the reason I spend so much fucking money on it! I figure it draws attention to my face, not my body.

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