Crash Diet or Lifestyle Change?

keep-calm-and-forget-fad-dietsI’m good at crash dieting. If I can lose 20-30 pounds in a month I’m all over that shit. Unfortunately I usually make it for about 5 weeks, lost that 30 pounds, then stuff my face and gain it back plus 10 pounds for my trouble. I do this about once a year. Those extra 10 pounds a year for years makes for a very big girl.

19 years ago, I lost 43 pounds on Weight Watchers and kept most of it off for 2 years till I got pregnant. To lose that weight I was obsessive. And I ended up way too skinny to maintain. I worked out twice a day. I didn’t have kids yet, so counting exchanges (the program back then was before points) was kind of fun. I liked the puzzle every day of how I would divide my meals with protein, fat and carbs (I kind of would like that again!).

I’ve joined WW several times since then and have not made it past 5 weeks. I think the points are just a little too vague and permissive for me. I did great on the Smart for Life Cookie Diet, and on HCG, but I was obsessed, my whole life was about the diet, especially with both being around 800 calories a day. I’ve tried all the little magic diets, pills, sprinkles, Jenny Craig, all of them. I’m all hung ho for a week then my stomach hurts and I give up.

This time I’m trying a few small changes. Already my New Years plans are ruined. I love the treadmill, but haven’t done as much per day as I thought I would, but at least I’m doing it. I haven’t completely cut sweets, but I’m cutting back. I am eating more veggies, and trying to remember to write stuff down in My fitness pal, I’m drinking more water, but still not enough. I did cut out Diet Coke so far.

But these are small things I’m changing, hopefully permanently. I’m hoping they become second nature.

I wanted to lose a ton of weight before Wicked Book Weekend, and if I go to an HCG or a Quick weight loss place I may be happy with my results short term. But this time I want to change. Really change. So now, I would like to lose the 10 pounds that I gained since last year’s Wicked Book Weekend, and I’m hoping that’s not too unrealistic in the next 2 months.

Baby steps. Maybe that’s the way to go. If I make enough small changes, perhaps this time they’ll stick. I may be fat for Wicked Book Weekend, but maybe by next year I won’t be!

Want to join me in some changes?




  1. IveGotLotsToSayAKAItaianHellian says

    Im with you. When I was single, I had willpower. Post kid-im lucky I have time and effort to put makeup on once a week. The only thing that’s not stretched too thin is my ass and stomach.Again when I was single and had nothing but time on my hands, I used to walk like 20+ miles a week when I lived in FL. I ate low fat. I was looking great. Then I moved to the DC area and met my hubby.

    I got preggo 3 months after we got married Had my gargantuan son (9.5 lbs 22″ and I am 5’1 so I wont tell you how I looked but I was ginormous). Post kid-Ive done every diet known to mankind-the worst for me was Atkins. Im always on the honeymoon period of whatev diet where I lose like 20 lbs, I can feel my brain and body craving whatever I have to give up. I slowly inch off the diet and then BAM! I am plowing through a can of pringles like a rabid dog, followed by a med pizza that I chew through like termites on dead wood. Next thing I know, Ive gained all that shit back plus some. So this time around, I am not dieting. I am just simply altering a few things: Lower salt (huge diff by the way!), replacing some ground beef dishes with turkey ground meat, eating out less often (another huge effect), make ny own pizza more often (I used turkey pepperoni and fresh mozz which I find that pizzas at home are less fatty and less salty). These minor changes don’t leave me feeling like Im giving it all up. Making more stuff at home really makes a diff and I try to do some crockpot stuff over the weekend for weekday meals (chilli, stews, soups, etc). SO far Ive lost 20 and seem to be keeping it off. But I need to lose a hell of a lot more. Its winter so I haven’t been exercising-somehow have to figure out how to work that in my schedule but baby steps as you say. Im not pushing myself into new milestones, I want to stay here for awhile and then work into a new milestone with adding exercise in because for me, exercise makes me more hungry and I think I need to work on shrinking my stomach and cravings before adding that in.

    • I’m loving my new treadmill. That salt thing is really hard for me. I salt everything. I know I need to cut back.

  2. I always have good intentions, and now I’m just shooting for 5 lbs a month. I’m down around 15-18 so far. I have one more 6 pack of diet dr pepper, and then I’m getting off soda. I’m hoping that will help… So I’m working on it.

  3. I’m with you. I’m trying to make gradual changes and not beat myself up when I don’t do as well as I should. The whole carbs thing is a nightmare for me. I’ve done the really low carb diets and lost it; but then, like you said, I gained it back. So, I’m working out and trying to make better choices. I, too, have traded all but my one morning diet coke for water.

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