Really and Truly….Starting on Monday

Starting on MondayI got a treadmill for Christmas! It’s been in my room, all set up since last Friday, over a week ago. I haven’t used it yet. I was still on vacation. Not to mention the awful cold I’ve had. Today though, it’s Monday. The first Monday of the New Year!

New habits I’m adopting: (small changes!)

  • WATER WATER WATER!!!!  I suck at drinking water. I need to set an alarm to make me drink!
  • 15 minutes on the treadmill a day for now (let’s not push it).
  • No more Diet coke.
  • Tracking on My Fitness Pal
  • Wearing and using my fitbit daily (works with My Fitness Pal!)
  • At least 3 servings of fruit and veggies a day (I currently have none).
  • Cut cookies/sweet snacks down to weekends only. (OK, this one may be a bit ambitious)

In the last 4 years, I have put on 55 pounds. And I wasn’t skinny to start! I suffer from chronic Lyme disease which results in exhaustion and joint/connective tissue pain, so I like to use that as an excuse. Excuses are done. I can’t stand to see myself anymore. I used to at least have days where I thought I looked good. I don’t even have that anymore.

I’d like to be one of those women who embrace their curves, and if I get down to “curvy”, I’ll embrace it. But right now I’m FAT.  When my belly is smaller than my boobs, I’ll revisit the curvy thing. Honestly, it’s clearly not just the way I look, it’s my health.

I eat like a 6 year old. My husband is even worse. We are both very picky, and neither cooks much beyond a few fattening dishes and grilling on the grill. Mr. Ana and the kids only eat fish if it’s a fish stick (I like fish, but they hate the smell so much they won’t let me cook it.) The only veggies they will eat are the ones in tons of butter and salt. We eat pizza, pasta, hot dogs, and take-out more times than anyone should.

My 8 year old has my body. He doesn’t eat much but he struggles with a belly. My 16 year old is 5’10” and 125 (fuck him). He shoves everything he sees in his mouth and doesn’t gain a pound. My husband was like that too (he’s now 150, but he works out a lot).  I need to get my kids and myself eating healthier.

Starting on Monday. (TODAY!)


How about you? What positive changes are you making?



  1. I totally get you. I, too, thought, “Okay, it’s THAT Monday! It’s time.” I do have a 6 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper, but when it’s gone, it’s gone. I’ll be making some changes in my fitness (I hope) besides the daily dog walk. But it’s too cold today to walk her, so I’ll be surfing the internet looking for some home fitness that I think I’ll actually do. More salads, more fruits, more veggies. Less butter? Maybe. Good luck to you. And to me.

  2. Megan Wickland says

    I started last week. I’m working out for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. May not sound like much, but it’s a big change for me. My body hurts, but I keep telling myself it’s a good hurt! Trying to make healthier choices for food but am not “dieting”…. Maybe I will conquer that AFTER I have a solid exercise routine in place. One thing at a time. My goal is to lose 10 or more lbs by WBW. Not impossible, but will be work.
    Here’s to us meeting and keeping our goals!

  3. I’ve cut out the butter, drink way more liquids, hot tea, iced tea, and the bread has to go next. We eat more veggies and fruit when we can. I love a fresh salad everyday, doesn’t matter what’s in it. Got to try and eat healthy, keep the cookies, just limit how often. Also cut out the chips!!

  4. I feel your pain. I have thyroid problems and have been using that as my excuse but truth is I’m lazy. I currently don’t work and will sit around while the kids are in school and read rather than going for a walk or doing some type of exercise. Also I won’t even get up to eat till I’m starving and by then I only want to grab something quick which is usually not healthy. I got the Jawbone Up24 for Christmas and it has a setting to vibrate after 15 minutes of being stationary, I hope this will get me moving and on to exercising.

    • Exactly. That alarm is a great idea! The treadmill has a reading ledge, so I’m doing a ¼ mile at a time, 4x a day for now, which is like 7.5 minutes (yes, I’m slow, but at least I’m moving!)

  5. Joanne Christenson says

    First of all…yes…Fuck those who can shove whatever they want in their mouths without consequences. Second I will tell you not to drink 30 minutes before your meal. …During your meal and 30 minutes after. …it’s how I started and it worked. . .beverages tend to push food down allowing you to eat more. I also suck at water. I always use crystal lite….or drink unsweet tea with 1 or 2 sweet & low. Start there….baby steps

  6. A special bonus for me is that it’s “period week.” Last night I ate every salty, sweet thing I could find! Reese’s tree, truffles, Rollos…. I LOVE sweet stuff.

    Like you, Ana, I’m trying to drink more water. I’ve drank only one Diet Coke today and have been drinking water the rest of the time.

    • Me too Selena. I bought dark chocolate covered raisins so hopefully have me eating a better choice than the crap I was eating before. But when I get crampy, I don’t want to exercise…I will have to power through.

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