She Deserves the Egging

I’m not advocating egging or toilet papering someone’s house on Halloween, but if anyone deserves it, it’s the bitch who hands out this note instead of candy, a toy, pretzels, or even nothing on Halloween.


FUCK HER. It takes a village my ass. Butt out of Halloween, whore! Geez, it is one day a year, let the kids get their candy in a tradition that’s been around since she was a kid.

I bet she didn’t even need to wear that witch costume.


  1. I have no idea how to respond to this. I am seriously floored that someone would put this in a child’s treat bag I hope that parents got to this before any children read it That could be devastating to a child.

  2. IveGotLotsToSay AKA Lisa says

    OMFG She handed this out to ALL of the kids? WTF. I would totally egg that bitch’s house. Stick a spud in her tail pipe-oh yea it works. Since she is so into notes. ..How’s the hags lawn look? How about the hag’s house siding, flowers, or shrubs? If any of them look like shit, I think I would return serve and write her telling her what a trailer trash bitch she is that her house is making the neighborhood look bad. OH MY GOD! That has every Italian hair on my head standing up. Pfft! You haven’t see me in action. I am the funniest and best to hang out with but when someone is a total twat, I can flip that bitch switch. OMG! I AM FUMING!

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