The Second Time is Never the Charm

Dieting trendsHave you ever noticed that no matter how well you do on a diet, the second time on the same program is way harder? I have done well on several diets, Weight Watchers (years ago, before points), Smart for Life Cookie Diet, HCG…. but the second time I never last more that 3-4 weeks.

In the beginning, it’s new and exciting, and you are all hung-ho, buying every bit of crap they sell to help complete your goal. Emptying out your cabinets. Buying new workout gear and gadgets and memberships.  But when the newness wears off is when we fail (or at least I do). I have joined Weight Watchers at least 10 times since I initially hit my goal almost 20 years ago, but was never able to go past 5 weeks. I joined again in May, all gung-ho, only to pay all summer and never go.

I finally cancelled my membership last Tuesday and began My Fitness Pal. I also ordered a Fitbit.  My Fitness Pal is basically the same as Weight Watchers, it just doesn’t convert to points, so it’s easier to think in your head (though I really love WW free fruit).

But guess what? I lasted 3 days. Hmmm…maybe I need something more restrictive again. I’m using the fitbit, but I can never remember to track the crap I shove in my mouth all day long. Or maybe I’ll just try a little harder…


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