I was a Baaaaaad Girl


I was a bit out of control with my eating this weekend. I would have been OK on Saturday if I didn’t drink Saturday night. Then Sunday I went to see IronMan 3 and ate enough buttered movie theater popcorn to choke a cow.

I tried to find points for the popcorn and couldn’t. So sadly, I didn’t even track on Sunday.

But today is Monday. I’m back to being good. I’m assuming in my head that I used up my 49 points for the week and I started fresh today. Well, you know…it’s Monday. I love how I can always start clean on a Monday. Thank goodness weigh-in isn’t until Friday.


  1. Jennifer says

    Drink lots of water and flush out all that salt!!!! I would have gone for the popcorn too….

  2. Jennifer Brodeur says

    Girl…..I failed this weekend too. I tried to make good choices most of the day but i’m back on it today! I guess the part we have to stick to, is that if we fail one day, we CANT wait till Monday!! Just pick up the next day! But, damn that alcohol is good!!

  3. Jennifer says

    I am trying to be good all the way up to GNO…. I will let you know if I give up the Mojitos this weekend

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