Kitchen Clean Out

One of the parts of Weight Watchers 360 is “Spaces”. The first thing they encourage you to do is clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Hide the good (but not good on Weight Watchers) stuff in opaque containers and have the stuff you SHOULD be eating front and center.

I had shit that expired last summer!

Pantry, fridge and freezer cleaned. BAM!

Weight Watchers Spaces

I also went shopping and filled up the fridge with lots of fruits, veggies, egg whites, fat free cheese and lean meats.

I’m doing my best to drink lots of water too. Considering the fact that I almost peed myself twice today, I must be doing a good job.

Baby steps…


  1. I always feel better when it’s all cleaned out and you have a fresh start. I love Weight Watchers. Wishing you the best of luck!!!

  2. Good for you gorgeous! Baby steps is the best way to do it!

  3. Started WW today! I love the iPhone app w/ the barcode scanner that gives you the point content! Super cool and easy to use. I’m a total nerd like that. 🙂

    I made my weigh in days Friday instead of Monday because I know that I’m going to probably be using my extra points on the weekends for date night with the hubs! So, at least I’ll have the entire week to get rid of the extra…whatever…even though they are allowed.

    It’s definitely nice to have somewhere to share successes and probably diet grumpiness. LOL! Good luck!


    • Great! My day is Friday too. I will write a post every Friday, so I expect you to chime in EVERY WEEK and tell me how you did!

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