No Photographs Please

1158176-no-photographsWhen I am gone, my kids will have so few photos of me. I HATE myself in photos. I have a few good ones, but I avoid the camera like the plague. I have a GAZILLION photos and videos of my kids. Hard drives filled with them. With both kids being performers now, I have filmed EVERY performance, sometimes in triplicate. But me??? Out of the 30,000 photos in my iPhoto library from the past few years, I would say I’m in 25.

Book Bash was last week. As I met the authors, they asked if I wanted to be in photos with them. I responded once, “It’s not about me, it’s about you guys”, which is true. But really, I didn’t want to ruin my one chance at a photo of my idols with my double chin.

I know the photo tricks, take from above, tongue on roof of mouth, chin out. But I always look weird…it’s obvious what I’m doing. Group or family photo??? I ALWAYS hide behind people. My Facebook is set so nobody can tag me.

Now, I look back at my photos from Book Bash and I’m sad. I wish I got photos with my idols. I’m cherishing the photo of myself with Kristen Ashley, but she is the only author out of 60 I got a photo with.

Sadly, my kids will look back on the photos of their childhood, and it will seem like the only time they had a mom was in Disneyworld twice a year when I got the family photo. My husband used to take photos of me like crazy…before kids. Now, he knows I’ll kill him, look at the photos and get all upset. My kids get so mad at me because I’m ALWAYS trying to get photos of those awesome moments when they are being silly together, or jamming…they make stupid faces, moon me, or hide. I love those silly photos!

From this day on, I vow to keep more of a record…for my kids. They don’t care if I’m fat with a double chin, they will just want to remember their mom, how she really looked. Hopefully, it will be a long time before they have to be “remembering” but in the meantime, I need more photos of me with the kids.

What about you? Do you avoid photos too? Any tricks for better photos?


  1. Annie Walsh says

    Oh my goodness, we must be soul sisters or something because I had the same thoughts when looking back at the few pictures I took at Book Bash as well! I only asked to be photographed with 4 authors. I knew I didn’t like what I look like in pics. I also think ahead to when my children are older and know they won’t have pictures of me to look back on because ei avoid being photographed at all costs! I did request the “Heidi Klum photoshop package” with Nyone who wanted me in a picture but that didn’t happen!! I am looking forward to reading your blog!

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