Fitness Summer Bucket List-Guest Post by Emily

SummerBucketListFitness Summer Bucket List

When you are into fitness there are great opportunities specific to each season. By altering your fitness plan from season to season, it is a great way to keep things interesting and not slack off. My summer “bucket list” may sound a little over-zealous, but each of these goals has different requirements to reach so it will certainly keep me motivated!

First, I would love to complete a 5K in less than 20 minutes. While a 5K isn’t a distance run, it isn’t sprint either. It should be a combination of speed and distance. I like to be fit, but focusing on a running time has never been a focus of mine, so this is completely new to me. What is most important to me is that I get fitted for good running shoes. I am going to ask my local running shop about the Brooks GTS sneaker. It looks to have good support, which is a prime concern for me. I think I am going to first focus on the distance and then the time. I am also going to register in a few 5K events throughout the season. I am going to track my time in each event so I can see how I improve.

Next on my list will be no small feat – I want to earn my Insanity t-shirt. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Insanity workout is an incredibly tough interval training workout that is, well, insane. It takes 60 days, which is roughly the length of the summer, to get through all 10 DVDs of the workout. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in one crazy workout. To earn my Insanity t-shirt, I need to take a “before” photo and then get started. I need to follow the entire program piece by piece and as I progress, I’ll feel and see the changes. When I’m done, I need to take and “after” photo and send them both in to Insanity. Then I’ll get my “I Earned It” t-shirt! It will let everyone know that I really moved my fitness to the next level!

It may sound silly, but I have always wanted to do a one-handed push-up. We’ve all seen the tough workouts in movies like Rocky, but I don’t know anyone personally who can do a one-handed push-up. My favorite one-handed push-up was done by Jack Palance at the Oscars to show he still had it! I need to start out by improving my upper body strength. It is important to focus on regular push-ups first. If I can’t do at least 20 to 30 push-ups without an issue, there’s no way I’ll be able to do any one-handed push-ups. Plank poses are also great for upper body strength. Like many other fitness goals, it is all about consistency!

While this list may seem short, there’s a lot to do in order to reach these goals. It will take some time, but I am definitely up to the challenge! I love the idea of having little goals to reach. I don’t know about you ladies, but setting mini goals like this is the only way I stay motivated. Don’t forget the best part about setting goals—rewarding yourself for your accomplishments!

Emily Stone is a proud stay at home mom, a dedicated wife, and a wanna-be fitness freak. Emily left her full-time writing career to pursue her career as a full-time mom and she’s been loving every minute of it! Emily is in the process of starting up her own blog, but for now you can find her at @FitMommaEm

What about you? Do you have any summer diet or fitness goals?

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