Super Nerd Princess Begins Her Journey

complicatedI have an unhealthy relationship with food. If this were Facebook, I?d click ?It?s complicated.? I love food. I love its smell, its taste, its…ok I need to stop. Anyway, I took my kid to the park the other day and had the most brilliant idea to have my picture taken with him. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn?t be a big deal but when you?re so large you actually BLOCK THE SUN, it?s something to take into consideration. I came home and wept. Real tears. And then I ate. Why? Because food is comforting. I?m so big already, what?s the difference if I have 4 quarter pounders and a large fry? And maybe some of my son’s small fry? I?m beyond help.

After my self loathing concluded, I decided to join Weight Watchers. Do I do the online e-tools? Meetings? I had lost a considerable amount of Weight Watchers before but only went to the registration, bought all the crap and then never went back. So I really had no idea how to tackle it. I?m also quite a bit heavier than I was back when I first joined pre-marriage/baby. You know, when I thought I was HUGE but looking back at pictures, I was HEALTHY.

Hubby and I discussed, ad naseum, what the best option would be for me. He works a lot of overtime at his job and I wasn?t sure if meetings would fit into our life. My husband is awesome and supportive and is willing to work with me to get me to the meetings whenever he?s free. Monthly unlimited meetings plus e-tools? SIGN ME UP!

So today, I walked through the Weight Watchers doors, not fully understanding what I was about to get myself into. Let me preface this by saying I have a bit of social anxiety, so upon seeing 25+ chairs lined up in preparation for the meeting, I almost bailed. BUT I DIDN?T! I stayed. Non scale victory if I ever heard one, am I right??

The women I met today changed me. The leader, who I suspect might also be part Hobbit (seriously, I towered over her and felt like Shrek the entire time), was so incredibly genuine and engaging and it felt like therapy. So, if you think about it, I?m kind of killing two birds with one stone. Weight loss AND therapy? Awesome!

imageSuper Nerd Princess lives in NY with her husband, her son and a fridge full of yummy food she’ll never eat again. When she’s not sleeping, cleaning up rogue boogers or obsessing over pop culture news, she can be found on twitter @snerdprincess.


  1. You go nerd princess…you can do this. You are a do-er. Today was a huge step. Attending meeting is so important , it truly saves me each week no matter the result. Best of luck to

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