My motivation is sucking

daily-motivation-1011I’m working on staying motivated. I did some drinking Saturday Night, (rum and diet coke), ate pizza at a concert, and didn’t count points all weekend. For Mother’s Day we had my favorite, Japanese hibachi. Though it’s just meat and veggies, I have no idea what else that stuff is cooked in. Monday I had a peanut butter meltdown (my weakness).

You would think after last week of no loss, I would get back to trying really hard to lose weight. But it’s not happening. My activelink is keeping me motivated though, and I’m committing to track every bite from today on.

This is a commitment. I am going every week for 1 year minimum. I can do this, even if it’s slow. Even if I have a bad day, or a bad week. I won’t be impatient and go back for the HCG. I won’t give up. I won’t take the diet pills in my cabinet that make me feel yucky.


I need to look at the non-scale victories. I already worked out a little today. I had a LONG walk yesterday. I’m resisting temptation more than I used to, even if it’s not quite enough. I’m drinking more water than I used to, but also, not enough. My scale is not moving down, but I am eating less and making better choices. It WILL catch up to me. I have faith. I just need to keep making changes.

It took my leader 2 and a half years to lose 69 pounds. She is gorgeous. That would be a dream goal for me. Right now though, I just want the 10 pound goal!


I will be encouraged by other people’s losses. If I have a bad day, I will have a better one the next day. I can do this! Please, share what keeps you motivated. I need it!


  1. Thanks for the motivation to work out tonight. Love what you wrote. You go girl

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