Motivation in my Pocket

photoI’ve mentioned my ActiveLink, right? I have got to tell you, this thing is awesome. After a week of seeing my current activity level (zero, zilch, nada), the Activelink program sets an achievable goal, to get you moving more. There are 6 lights on the active link. You need to light 4 to hit 100%.

Once you light up the 4 lights, your lights do a little happy dance. I can’t tell you how much I love those lights dancing!

I have forgotten to put it on right away twice now, and let me tell you, I was scrambling at midnight to get those lights lit up!

At first, I wished it came in black, like the fitbit, because I always wear black, and this thing is noticeable in the pocket of my shirt. But that’s just the thing. I see it out of the corner of my eye constantly, and it serves as a reminder. (Plus, I’d lose it in a day)

I’m not going crazy, working out like a loon. But I have gone for short walks, every time I pee I walk past my steps and do 10 up and downs on the bottom step for each leg. I play wii fit for 5-10 minutes at a time a couple of times a day. I’m moving more…the exact goal of the Activelink. I was worried it would set too high a goal, but 100% is fairly easy to achieve. Getting all 6  lit is my challenge!

At some point, Weight Watchers gives you a point or two…I’m not quite sure where I need to be to get that point. I can’t figure it out, but it doesn’t really matter. I am trying not to use them.

If you already exercise though, I can see this being a little too simple, and the Fitbit One looks really friggin’ cool with a sleep monitor (and alarm) and wireless syncing to your computer phone or iPad. It works with My Fitness Pal as well, and gives all sorts of awards. There is also a fitbit zip, though not quite as sophisticated, it comes in bright colors and does many of the same things, including telling you your steps, calories burned and more. I can’t recommend either personally, but I can tell you, the concept of a fitness monitor is pretty awesome.

Do you use any kind of monitor? Even a pedometer? Tell me your experiences!

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