The Lies We Tell Ourselves

lies_liar_news_627x430How often do you lie to yourself? Try to trick yourself? I can’t tell you how often I step on and off then back on the scale hoping there would be a slightly different result.

The other day, I forgot to wear my fitness monitor in the morning. Then had particularly vigorous sex. I was so mad that it didn’t register! (What am I supposed to hook it to?) So what did I do? I stuck it in a ball of socks and ran the dryer.

WTF? Who else was I tricking besides myself? I forgot about it for a bit, left in in too long and was so excited it had three lights already.

Really. I did that, and somehow believed my own lie? How does that even happen?

I lie to myself a lot. Like when I say I’ll write everything I eat. Ummm hasn’t happened. Or when I say I’m going to eat “only fruit” for a day (never happened). What about when I look in the mirror? I think I look OK, then I see a picture of myself. NOT OK. What about not eating before a weigh-in?

How about the self sabotaging thoughts? “One bite won’t make a difference” when you say it 10 times a day it does! Or what about this one…”I was good all week, I deserve this” (then proceed to eat everything in sight).

Is it just easier to keep tricking ourselves? Living in denial? It may be easier, but you’ll never get where you want to be.

This blog is based on the ultimate lie: I’ll start my diet Monday. Have you tried to trick yourself? Lied to yourself? Tell me about it.


  1. I try and trick myself all the time but the scale always knows. Like pointing Chinese and pizza in the same weeke and thinking I could actually lose, never works for me. Just one little example. I’m a work in progress but down 40 so far.

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