Trying to Trick Myself

Lying To Myself and Trying to Fool Myself

I’m late to everything. It’s not disrespect, I just suck at time management. I’ll start getting ready 2 hours before I leave, then spend ½ hour tweezing my eyebrows while reading a book because I think I have all the time in the world. So I lie to myself. I randomly put things in my calendar 15 minutes earlier than they are, then I never remember which I did it for, so I assume all of them, then I’m late to everything.

Starting on Monday is the BIG lie I like to tell myself. Well, I DO start on Monday then finish Monday afternoon! ?. Now I am thinking of the best way to combat this. I go to my WW Workshop on Wednesday at noon. The day works of me, it gets me out of the house mid-week, I run errands and it’s my big “out” day during the week. I have been going with the same core group of women I met there and I enjoy my leader. Though 90% of the workshop, including my leader, is over 70, I have found my weekly friends. But the three of us don’t really lose weight. We just show up.

Let me backtrack. I made a commitment last January that I would go to WW for 1 year before I considered gastric sleeve surgery. I thought I’d lose at least 40 pounds in a year. I am currently at 24.2. I am great on Mondays and Tuesdays because “Starting on Monday”. I weigh in Wednesday before I eat. Since I am out all day, I tend to pick up fast food after my meeting, then Wednesday night is “cheat night”. But since I go food shopping Wednesday, I eat those Mallomars (yum) I bought on Thursday and Friday thinking I’ll make up for it, then it’s the weekend, where I am usually at some type of food festival my son plays bass at. So I just “Start on Monday” again, and I’m good Monday and Tuesday. I have been stuck at just under 25 pounds gone since May.

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There is a Friday meeting at another local center, so I am thinking maybe that will trick me into being good all week until weigh-in. Some of the most successful WW people like Monday because it keeps them accountable on weekends, but I am afraid if I am bad on the weekend I will skip the meeting altogether, which is worse. So I am thinking that Fridays may trick me into being better, but it may also trick me into not watching myself on the weekend. Since there is no school this Friday, I will think about it for another week, and say goodbye to my Wednesday friends. I am hoping to hit 25 before I go so I can celebrate with people who know me.

One little trick/lie that my leader suggested HAS been working for me on days that I track. I tend to do all my eating at night. Half my points are between 11 pm and 4 am, my computer time. I usually have 10 points left and eat it all in junk because I have only eaten 2 meals during the day. She told me to end my day at midnight regardless of when I go to sleep. I am much more reluctant to use tomorrow’s points and be scared to end up with none later on, so I make 0 point choices now. But now I find myself at 1 am saying it’s still midnight in TN where my son is, so I can still eat the points left from today. LIES. I just keep thinking of ways to thwart my own tricks! Why do I self-sabotage! Ugh.

How do you try to trick yourself? Do You have a weigh-in day?

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