Confessions of a Weed Smoking Mom – Guest Post by Jen

I am Jen.

I am a bestselling author.

I smoke pot.

I am the mini-van driving soccer mom with 4 kids and I do it on the reg. I would love to tell you I don?t do it when I?m responsible for other people?s kids, but I?d be lying. High is my normal. I have smoked pot since I was a teenager and now in my mid-40s, I still smoke. Daily.

I am not a hippie.

In fact, I am that normal suburban wife you see in your local Kroger. I?m room mom. I?m on the PTA and the school band board. My husband coached our son?s little league team and he smokes it daily as well. He goes to work high and is a very successful accountant.

We don?t drink often (maybe 6 drinks a year at most).

We don?t take anti-depressants.

We don?t take pain pills, even with pain from ovarian cysts and a torn rotator cuff and my husband?s bad back.

We don?t take Xanax.

We are happily married for 19 years.

We eat healthily and exercise.

Our kids are straight A gifted students who have yet to get in trouble.

If I caught my kids with pot there would be hell to pay, same as if I caught them underage drinking. In college, I figure they will try it and hope they are smart enough not to smoke it as much as I do.

People ask why I am always so chill and happy. If they only knew!

Now that I have my medical card and getting cannabis (actually oil, we don?t want the kids to ever smell it) is easier than ever. I am high 24/7. I know I shouldn?t be. But I am so happy. My kids are so happy. My husband is so happy. They say marijuana is not physically addictive, but there is no doubt I?m addicted. Every time we try to stop we end up fighting and hating each other, my pain level shoots up and I?m miserable, so we go back to happy land, the place where nothing really gets to you, it all just rolls off your back.

I took ? of a .25 Xanax once and literally fell down trying to get to the bed before I passed out. I couldn?t even drive the next day. It is amazing to me that people function on 8-20 times that dose daily. Yet the average person probably couldn?t function high on pot all day either. After 25 years of it though, to me, straight would feel way weirder.

My top 5 friends all take either opioid painkillers, Xanax, antidepressants or drink alcohol daily,? I smoke pot. LEGALLY.

And I?m head of your PTA.


About The Author:

Jen is a bestselling author, mom and President of the PTA in her daughter’s middle school. Because she doesn’t want her kids’ friends parents to read this and not let their kids come over, her last name is withheld.


  1. Yanette Mantro says

    I love this! I wish I could get my card. I suffer from back pains and all people want to do is shove pills down my throat! I hate taking them, I don?t like how it makes me feel. I?ve never been a pill popper for pain meds. Hate them with a passion. Not for me. Someone got me a weed pen and I was in love with it. Helped me sleep at night. I just want to be able to get it legally now…lol! Power to you!!

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