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Welcome to Wicked Girls GNO. My glass of sangria is next to me, and I’m ready to get buzzed and talk.

It’s been an interesting week for me. First of all, my husband almost passed out at my gynecologist appointment! (My hero!) Read about here. Then my little guy lost his tooth and now is all gums. Plus, he got the flu. 🙁  Older spawn was just given a condom by yours truly. Better to be safe than sorry, right? I think I may need a couple more glasses of this tonight….

I was going to write a separate post here vs. Ana’s Attic, but frankly, the wine got to my head, so this is reprinted…

Tonight’s topic is book boyfriends. I did not plan, I did not even think about it this week. I don’t particularly have one guy who stands out to me, because they keep getting replaced by the guy in whatever book I’m reading. But I’m going to give you a buzzed (that’s the point here) list in no particular order. I guarantee, after you guys tell my yours, I will come back and change my list.

1) Tack from Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley. I’m re-reading this right now so he is right there, making my nipples hard not 5 minutes ago. Sorry, tmi? (Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley)

2) Ethan Blackstone from Naked and All In The Blackstone Affair Series by Raine Miller. When I read this book, I never knew who David Gandy was. But I pictured exactly him when she described Ethan Blackstone. He IS the muse. Yum. (The Blackstone Affair Series by Raine Miller)


3. Carter from Seduction and Snacks. He may not be the dominant Alpha male, but shit, I’d be laughing so much it wouldn’t matter. (Chocolate Lovers Series by Tara Sivec)

4. Ryan Christenson from Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber. This wonderful, sweet, sexy actor is always near the top of my list.

5. Brian Sinclair from Backstage Pass. Hot lead singer and vocalist? Yes please. But really, I’ll take any of the Sinners. (Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning)

6. Mike from Games of the Heart. I love ALL of Kristen Ashley’s guys, so narrowing it down is kind of impossible, but I’ll choose him. (The Burg Series by Kristen Ashley)

7. Oh wait! Tate! My first Kristen Ashley guy from Sweet Dreams…..sigh….

8. Braden from On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. Mmmmmm Braden.

9. Jack from The Unidentified Redhead & The Redhead Revealed by Alice Clayton. Another one where funny outweighs dominant and sexy.

10. Master Z from Cherise Sinclair’s Club Shadowlands. Or ANY of her masters, but that guy literally knows exactly what you want. (Masters of the Shadowlands Series)

Oh fuck! I left so many off, but this is what came out of my buzzed rambling mind.

My book boyfriend of the week is Tack from Motorcycle Man as well, but it was also Akira from the upcoming Lana by RK Lilley (Monday!)

Next week’s GNO: Words we hate or like to read about in sex scenes.

Comment here with your book or fictional boyfriend and follow the rafflecopter for more chances to win a beautiful book themed wine charm set from the lovely Kim, and Luminous Beads.


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  1. Some of my favorite book boyfriends come from Larissa Ione’s Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series (Wraith, Shade, Ares, Than, etc), Cherise Sinclair’s sexy Doms, the hot Doms from Kallypso Masters’ stories, and sooooo many more!

  2. My all time favorite book boyfriend (as of right now 🙂 ) is Kellan from Thoughtless!! Sweet Jesus what I wouldnt do for a man like that. Then I love me some Jack from Unidentified Redhead, he seems hilarious and sexy. Carter for Chocolate Lovers Series, and also Chase from Taking Chances.

  3. You mentioned some GOOD book boyfriends! You mentioned Kristen Ashley’s Tack….. I would take any of her Alpha Men… They ALL know how to treat a lady! I just finished reading “Wait for Me” by J Lynn and even though he is young, Cam is the sweetest boy ever! and sexy too!!! Yeah!!!!

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