Easy 0 point Cauliflower Fried Rice

Easy 0 Point Cauliflower Fried Rice

Though fried rice is most often a side dish, with enough protein (chicken or shrimp), this has now become my best cook-it-fast, easy, eat a lot dinner. I can eat a whole package myself and it’s still 0 points! I keep all this stuff in my freezer, stocked up so even when I don’t have fresh veggies or chicken, I always have this.

You need:

  • Green Giant Riced Veggies Cauliflower Medley (They have lots of riced veggies, but this seems the most like fried rice to me) (0 WW smart points)
  • Olive oil spray (1-2 sprays, 0 points)
  • Garlic (0 points)
  • Perdue Short Cuts Roasted Chicken Breast (or any chicken breast pieces that are 0 points) or frozen cooked shrimp cut into small bite sized pieces. (0 points)
  • 1 egg (0 points)
  • Lite Soy Sauce (0 points)

I spray my pan with  a little olive oil, drop a little minced garlic in, quickly scramble an egg (I actually always forget this part, then have to make room in the pan to scramble it while I’m cooking the rest). Then just drop the whole bag of Riced Cauliflower in the pan. When it starts to get warm I add my chicken or shrimp, and soy sauce until I like the color. That’s it. Simple and easy. Because it isn’t nearly as filling as rice, I can eat almost the entire thing myself, so keep that in mind if cooking for the family. This could be great with a little Progresso light soup first (1-2 points).




  1. Karen Gagnon says

    Wow, this looks perfect for me! I will have to check this out. A work friend wants me to start the Whole 30 plan starting next Monday and I am so nervous! lol Thanks for the idea!

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