Messy Bun, Yoga Pants and Working from Home

Guess what I’m wearing? The same thing I wear every day. Yoga pants. One of my 100 pairs of black yoga pants and one of my 100 v-neck black t-shirts. We had no plans this weekend, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I showered. Ummm, now might be that time…. BRB.

Ok, it’s 3 hours later and I am showered and dressed in a fresh pair of black yoga pants and a black t-shirt. Why does a shower turn into three hours? Well, shave everything and refresh the purple on my hair, a conditioning mask, then I read because I got overheated from the shower and had to lay down. Eyebrow grooming, then I had lunch and I’m back. Such is the life of a work-at-home mom. And also the reason it’s been a couple of days since I did it last.

I kind of dawdle all day long. As I said on last week’s post, I am a night owl, during the day I just don’t accomplish much. Working from home has changed me in some really bad ways. I used to be an advertising account executive, seeing different customers on a daily basis. My customers were my friends, my coworkers were my friends. I am a super social person (unless you’re my peer, but that’s another post). But working from home turned me into a hermit. My social life is on Facebook. When I see people in person I literally can’t shut up because I never talk to real people!

I used to get up at 6:30, take 2 hours to get ready (yep, mornings and I don’t work, I’m slow AF in the morning), but I would leave the house with perfect hair and makeup and nails every day. I wouldn’t go to my mailbox without makeup. I put on makeup when we camped. I never missed a two-week fill on my acrylic nails. I showered and shaved every single day.

When I first started working from home I still made an effort because my son played in a band and I took him to his shows at least 3-4 times a week, but he moved to Nashville. I used to substitute teach but burned out on that for good after the shootings here in Parkland, but hadn’t really done it for a year before that.

Now my younger son plays in a band, and it’s almost the only time I leave the house, but he averages only 4-5 shows a month. I go to WW meetings every Wednesday, and I wear my lightest yoga pants and t-shirt and dress the same every time, no effort there. That ends up being the day I run all my errands so I literally don’t have to leave the house again unless my son has a show. My husband loves to drive my son to music lessons, and I let him. He loves to go to Walmart, so he picks up whatever we need in between my Wednesday Publix trips.

I’ve gained 50 pounds. I don’t work a real job anymore because you can’t really keep a regular job when you have autoimmune disease flare-ups. I’ve thought about taking my laptop to Starbucks but I know myself. I’d buy all the cake pops, drink Caramel Macchiatos and eavesdrop on conversations instead of getting anything done. Plus I have a gorgeous 27” computer and my dog at home, and my 11” Mac doesn’t come close.

I never want to waste time getting ready to just stay home anymore. The less makeup I use and the less I wash my hair, the better condition my skin and hair is. The less clothes I wear, the less clothes I wash, so I basically wear my PJs all day. My husband of 28 years still can’t keep his hands off me, and it gets exhausting so I don’t need to try that hard for him (though I would if he ever wanted to go out!). And lately I have taken to not even putting on a bra when I run to the bus stop, let alone makeup. I have even run out to CVS bare-faced! I hate to say I don’t care about myself anymore, but I just don’t have the occasion to.

So if you see me on Facebook one day commenting on a random post, maybe you should remind me to shower.


  1. OMG YESSSSS! I really let myself go when I started working from home. So much so that Indecided to get a part time job so If have reasons to pluck my eyebrows! Lol love this blog.

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