Spring Break is for Kids not Parents


Oh Joy. The kids are out of school for a week. It’s day one and I’m already exhausted and my ears hurt.

Let me tell you why. I currently have eldest spawn one in the garage playing guitar. My computer is on the other side of the garage wall. He is an fucktastic guitar player, but he is incapable of playing at a normal decibel, so my walls are shaking. It’s not horrible when he is playing his regular music (thank God, he plays classic rock, so I love his taste), but the vibrations that run through my house as he plays are a little crazy. Right now, he is playing with effects pedals, so it sounds like I have whale song throughout my house.


From the other direction is my youngest spawn playing Modern Warfare with 2 of his friends. So I have whale song, vibrations, bombs and boys.


And this is only day one.

I need a drink.

Plus, since the hubs and I work at home, we tend to “work on each other” when the kids are at school. Being quiet and secretive is nowhere’s near as much fun.

Then there is the food. A week with kids and friends (boys) popping by all week means lots of crap in the house. Also, we have Passover (OK, that’s not too bad, Passover food isn’t anything great) and Easter. My husband fills those baskets with every kind of chocolate he can find. Guess who eats it? Me.

Maybe I need a few drinks. It’s 5:00 somewhere, right?

How are you spending your break?



  1. Tracy Fischer says

    Our Spring Break was last week. I actually like my kids at home because that means I don’t have to get them up and out of the house by 7:30 every morning….. My 14 yr old loves the Modern Warfare PS2! He has the ear piece and talks all night long….. My Mom was here one of those days and she could not figure out who he was talking too… Funny!

  2. I am working and my daughter will be hanging with the grandparents and her karate camp. Thankfully she loves it there and has lots of friends, it makes it easier on me. Plus on the days I don’t have to be to work early I don’t have to be up at the crack of down to get her to school on time. I used to always be early to work and now I am the one bitching at everyone on my way to work to get the “F**K” out of my way. It is a much calmer ride when I don’t have to deal with the school traffic. Also what is up with projects and homework during spring BREAK….hello isn’t that what break means!

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