WTF happened to Summer?

goodbye-summer_012I had such plans….I was going to do so much with the kids this summer since they only had 4 weeks of camp and 2 weeks away. That left 4 whole weeks of NOTHING. Museums, zoos, water parks, movies, the trampoline place….all the places I planned on taking them, and….didn’t.

At first, I was so busy planning for Wicked Book GNO, then I was getting ready for our trip, then I was catching up from our trip and planning the next Wicked Book Weekend. Nobody is complaining, but I totally feel like a crap mom. At least we shoved so much into the 2 weeks and the kids had the time of their lives, that they are completely happy.

Through all of this, I have been so busy I never even went food shopping for fairly healthy food.

School starts Monday. My diet has been on vacation, my motivation sapped. But I need to stop eating cake for breakfast (though it is my husband and son’s birthday next week, so a strict diet can’t really happen), but I will head back to Weight Watchers, and get back on track.

More importantly, I have to get my kids back on track. Eating healthier, going to bed earlier, all that stuff. Am I ready? No. What happened to the old days when school started after Labor Day?



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